Sunday, October 31, 2010

flower plucker

we're still fluctuating with our temperatures a bit here even though we've officially been experiencing "fall," on the calendar, for a little over a month. this week, we had to turn on the air conditioner again after a few hot & humid days....last night, i set the heat to kick on at 65* because it was supposed to be around 32* last night. tonight, i'm warming up with a cup of hot chocolate after a night outside for Trick or Trunking...

it's kind of funny...because i was just thinking that i'd be outside "soaking in" the "warm" temperatures of today/tonight if it were February...i'd have a t-shirt on and i'd think, "boy, it's really warm!" but i really think that, after it's so warm through the summer, it takes your body awhile to "adjust" to cooler temperatures... i dunno, maybe i'm just getting old! (hehehehe!)

a few weeks ago, we were experiencing a "cooler" day... K was sporting her little jean jacket while we played outside... she enjoyed watering the flowers with me, and of course, afterward, she loved picking the mums off of the bushy plants or plucking the few blooms left on the petunias or geraniums. :) even after several attempts to remind her not to pick the flowers...just sniff...she'd still look at me with that "gleam" in her eye and she'd reach down and pull off another little flower... then she'd put the flower to her nose and inhale as loud as possible... :) and, well, honestly, i'd start to smile and laugh... (yes, i'm such a good disciplinarian!)

on this day, i decided to take some pictures... and i managed to grab a few pictures of her LOOKING at the camera... she moves around so much that it's hard to get her to LOOK at the camera these days... and well, while i'm not a photographer (i just wish i was), these were pretty good... :)
enjoy my little flower bandit :)

see that mischevious gleam in her eye?
picking something, i'm sure

the poor geraniums...but look at her! pretty

reminds me of a female james dean, minus the cigarettes
and a fast car


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Ooooohhhh....That last photo of K is a very good one....LOVE IT!