Monday, November 1, 2010

meals for 11.1.10 to 11.7.10

i have been thinkin' that i really need to do a better job at budgeting for our grocery bill each month. it's interesting to me that, when i send ry to the store, he spends about $25-$50 less than i do... while i would *hate* to ask him to grocery shop each week (haha - i would gladly give him this responsibility), i may have to send him a few times a month so we can have some $$ left at the end of the month! it is a mystery to me b/c i don't think i really overbuy or anything...i stick to a list, for the most part... granted, there are a few items that i see when i shop that i realize i didn't write down but we need, but i'm not piling unnecessaries into the cart... hmmm!

our meals for the week will be pretty basic... i don't really want to spend a lot of time cooking this week, so we will be having leftovers a lot... :) i think i want to do a little experimenting, too...i want to make cinnamon rolls from scratch...and i have a PILE of apples that i need to put into an apple pie or something apple-y. AND, someone's going to be a year older, so we'll have take-out one night to celebrate, too!

here's the plan for the week :)

  • Monday: chicken and rice soup (pioneer woman) and corn bread
  • Tuesday: pigs in a blanket, mac n cheese, and veggies
  • Wednesday: leftover soup
  • Thursday: Endzone Pizza :) yummmmm!!!
  • Friday: leftovers (pigs, mac, veggies, and soup?)
  • Saturday: probably out to eat with friends
  • Sunday: leftovers, grill out, or breakfast for dinner :)

ENJOY your week and the first days of November! :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Grocery bills are incredibly frustrating, though, in our house, if Marc did the grocery shopping, our grocery bill would probably double (and he knows that). Hmmmm....who's birthday is it? Actually, I do know, but I'll wait until the actual day to say anything :)