Tuesday, November 23, 2010

confessions, meal plans, and other stuff... :)

~Confessions~Font size
i'm sitting here watching Lady Gaga from her performance this summer on the Today Show...on july 9th... it has been DVR'd for me and i'm ashamed i've never watched yet! :)
i'm so amazed by her talent...and i love her music... i know my husband rolls his eyes b/c of my fastination with her...but she's really interesting to me... i don't agree with some of her "stances" and the fact that she's almost always scantily clad in a bra and underwear, but the fact that she's a music genius is probably an understatement... and her music - well, i really love most of it... :)

it's Thanksgiving week...and it seems silly for me to post what we're eating... :) but, i will share the basics... :)

Monday: grilling out (hot dogs), mac n cheese, baked beans (ry), corn

Tuesday: leftover french toast casserole

Wednesday: dinner with Mom and Dad :)

Thursday: lots of yummies...turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, REAL cranberries, sweet potatoes, rolls...and who knows what else :) i'll surely be working along side of my mom helping prepare everything :)

Friday: i'm not sure yet :)

Saturday: lots of yummies, part deux - a regular Thanksgiving feast, again, but this time, with my in-laws :)

Sunday: i'm not sure yet :)

~Other Stuff~

  • i'm being bombarded, via email, with so many super shopping deals... tonight, i ordered some gifts for my husband and sis-in-law at Gap...saved 40% and got free shipping...that's pretty good... i also picked up 2 super cute sleepers for new baby #2 - possible coming home outfits :) the first "official" purchases for this little person :)
  • speaking of shopping, did you know that you can earn money back if you're a member of AAA (triple A) or by using ebates.com? today, i ordered my mom's *late* birthday gift...some flowers for her garden for spring 2011... i had a $25 off $50 coupon...and i used my AAA.com/mall find... i got 7.5% back to put toward a balance... and when you reach $10, AAA mails you a check... they have over 250 shopping partners...like Best Buy, Land of Nod, and several others... something to think about if you do a lot of shopping online... i was gong to use it for my Gap purchase, but i couldn't get logged in properly, for some reason, and i was nearing the midnight hour (the 40% was only for Monday)...so i had to bypass that deal....but it's kinda neat to get paid for spending money :) hehe :)
  • the lights went out at our house this evening for some strange reason...dunno why... but K's clock in her room had to be reset...and the ALARM started going off at midnight... NOT cool... she was stirring, but she laid right back down *thank God* and was sleeping before i could unplug the clock and leave... argh!
  • i'm going to steam clean the living room carpet tomorrow night... it needs to be done soooooo badly (the carpet is gross!!), but i really don't want to do it... :) i would love for the nice guys at Stanley Steamer to come and do it instead, but we'll save that expense for when i'm dealing with a newborn and the carpet needs to be cleaned and i REALLY don't want to do it then... :)
  • i have a lot of laundry to fold and transfer, so i better stop my randomness and get my rear in gear so i can wind down for the night... :)

if i don't post again before Thanksgiving, i wish everyone (ok, all 3 of you who read :)) a VERY wonderful and BLESSED Thanksgiving... :) Enjoy your time with your friends and family... :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Have fun steam-cleaning the carpet :) As you know, that's such a job I don't enjoy. I think you'll enjoy it more (Ha Ha). When are you leaving for PA and DE?