Monday, November 1, 2010

Little Lady Bug

we read "Ten Little Lady Bugs" before bed a lot... :) while i'd like to brag that my child chose to be a lady bug because she's so inspired by the book, i have to admit that this year's Halloween costume is a hand-me-down from Ry's aunt... she has a daughter a few years older than K, so we are sooooooooo blessed to receive BAGS that are full of very nice clothes, coats, dresses, shoes, and yes, Halloween costumes... and, well, this year's costume was soooooo cute and so perfect... :)

a sidenote...i tried to be deliberate about loading my pictures... for some reason, it always puts my pictures in reverse of what i select...and i "thought" i had remedied that by selecting the ones i wanted last as my first downloads...but it didn't work that way... so i'm going to go backwards... :)

On Halloween night, Ry took K to a few neighborhood houses... Admittedly, we don't know a lot of neighbors in the 'hood, but we wanted her to have a trick-or-treating experience... :) so, for about 45 minutes, Ry and K traveled to a few houses while i stayed home and ate handed out candy.... :) (so what that one of my cravings happens to be snack-sized snickers bars!!!)

first, here's our little lady bug dreamin' of allll the candy she's going to get...

our disgruntled lady bug is getting really fed up with her floppy antennae :)

our favorite :)

On Saturday night, we went to Ry's school to attend "Trick or Trunk." Last year, nearly 1,000 children came to this event... We went, but K wasn't dressed up...we just walked around with our friends and K sported her cute pumpkin shirt. :) She did manage to get a ton of candy (people were throwing it into her stroller)... Since it's so organized and "compact," we decided to go back again this year...

I was a little disappointed...

don't get me wrong...i am glad we participated and had the experience, but K got mostly candy that little ones can't eat...bubble gum, taffy, tootsie rolls... in addition, knowing that this community gathering is for young children, many of the "trunkees" handing out candy were too scary for little ones... K clung to me for dear life 3 or 4 times and cried when she saw some of the costumes... :( again, these costumes would be great for an older kid crowd...but for the 2 or 3 year olds there, it wasn't appropriate... but, we made the best of our time there :)

surprise, surprise...these pics are backwards! :)

here, we're "bribing" K to look at the camera at the end of the night... we are bribing her with a "bobbypop." :) this is why she's reaching out...

when we were just about to start getting candy, the organizers have you walk through a "cemetery" blow up yard ornament... next to it is a huge, green, Frankenstein... :) K was so excited to see him...but now that i look at the picture, it looks like i'm excited and she's not so sure! :) but, honestly, she was all about shouting, "loooooooooook!!!" and pointing. :)
we had a good time... while K is a candy maniac (ugh!), we're looking forward to many more years of trick-or-treating with our sweet girl... :) now, i need to go and hide her candy so she doesn't see it in the morning and pass up her favorite morning waffle to throw a fit for candy!
Happy Halloween :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Very cute, Robin :) Sorry to hear that K is a candy maniac...Luke's pickiness abounds even with candy. So, he really doesn't eat too much, but I am thinking that will probably change someday :(