Sunday, November 7, 2010

meals for 11.8.10 to 11.14.10 and other stuff

...and not in that order... :)

i'm so sad that the weekend is over already... while today seemed to last a lot longer (daylight savings time?!), i really wish we could have 3 days weekends at least once a month... *sigh*

i'm an idiot... we went to make a few returns to stores last of those stores being Toys R Us. My mom and i had purchased two of the very same items for K's b-day - a doll and a cute little fleece outfit. we did a little shopping, didn't find much that we needed/ we just returned the items. now, Toys R Us gives "flimsy" and very thin gift cards when you make returns... the cashier wrapped the gift card in 3 receipts - my original and two from the return... i was getting into the back seat of the car...and let me just say that's getting to be very challenging these days (small space, little leg room, pregnant woman...not pretty) as i shoved myself into a little space, i must have loosened my kung fu grip (haha, meet the fockers :)) on my pile of receipts and gift card... nice... i don't know where it is... so, i lost/misplaced this gift card... $18.42... kissed it goodbye for now... i'm content to think it was a nice offering for someone...or my contribution for Toys For Tots... yep, i'm an idiot...but the good Lord must know someone needed that money more than we did...
and i did call to see if anyone had a conscience and returned the gift card that was probably laying in the parking lot... no dice... then again, it could be somewhere in the car...but i look for it later...look again, that is... :)

i like milk a lot these days... :) it's so good... :) it also helps my heart burn a little :-\

ry and i took inventory of our freezer in the basement this afternoon... :) it was a fun time for all (haha - not really)... it's amazing how much food one family can get, put in a freezer, and forget about... sad... we also "de-iced" the freezer, as wasn't it didn't take us long. when i threw the snowy ice outside, it reminded me that snow will be here soon. :) (that means snow days for Ry and no day care for me... :)) i digress... anyway, we're committed to getting a significant amount out of our freezer in the next month or so... that should help with our grocery budget a bit! (and i haven't even "inventoried" our upstairs freezer attached to our fridge, either...we have some things in there that we can use, too! :))

i have a check up at the docs on Tuesday afternoon...i'm fully prepared for a weight change... i am not going to be dropping lbs. this time... bad, bad snickers craving... geez... :-\

it's supposed to be really nice in the next several the 60s. :) yay! i am looking forward to that nice weather so that we can play outside a bit... with daylight savings time, it's going to be tough to get some good play outside time in after naps... boo hiss....

i only have 4 more weeks of class (over the course of 5 weeks - we don't have class over thanksgiving week)... i have learned a lot from the class, but i will say i'm not too motivated to do the work in bits and pieces... for the last several weeks, i've been working on Saturday or Sunday to get everything finished...i hate that b/c it takes me away from family time... i am going to try hard to plan better so that we can enjoy the next few weekends! :)

ok...meal plan... :)
here's what will be on our cluttered table this week! :)

  • Monday: beef and peas w/ rice (ry's cooking! :))
  • Tuesday: pumpkin pancakes
  • Wednesday: chicken hot dish & rolls (still have the ingredients from a few weeks ago - never made it!)
  • Thursday: leftovers (beef and peas)
  • Friday: leftovers (chicken hot dish)
  • Saturday: orange chicken and rice
  • Sunday: grill out - steak and baked potatoes

i hope that you have a wonderful week :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I'm really hoping you find that gift card :) You could so easily find an extra Christmas gift with it....But, in all honesty, it truly sounds like something I would do (lose it, that is).