Wednesday, September 28, 2011

meals for 9.27.11 through 10.2.11

happy October :)
pumpkins, crisp leaves, frost on the windows, chilly mornings :) i love fall... :)

i'm not in the mood to meal plan in detail this week (again)... i kinda feel like i'm in limbo...had to do a little traveling last week/weekend...and this week is a layover week b/c the girls, my mom, and me will be traveling to see my grandma next week... that is really no excuse for a lacking plan for meals...but again, we're not doing major shopping (end of the month=not a lot of $$ for food) and we're dealing with what we have HERE to eat... :)
and, my parents will be here at the end of the week (so we can leave from here, my dad is bringing my mom down :)) that will probably mean more eating out *blah* and less home cooking... *boo hiss*

plus, sleep has been a bit lacking...hannah has a touch of something (fever, and projectile vomit tonight :-\) and K has started to cough and was wayyyyy off on her sleep today and was very weepy before bed (she was up a lot and for long periods through the early morning, slept late this morning, so no nap)... so, i kinda feel like "survival of the fittest" over here... :) as long as i'm dressed and showered, i think i've accomplished something :) hehehehe :) i really have some things i'd like to i hope things get themselves together a bit... :)'s what we're eating this week...

Monday: homemade pizza
Tuesday: tomato soup w/ shells, grilled cheese
Wednesday: ?hamburger helper (homemade)
Thursday: french toast
Friday: grill out
Saturday: eat out (maybe)
Sunday: something home cooked...maybe chicken and noodles?

nothing like mood driven meals here... :) hehehe :) hope that you have a good week and that your life is a little more organized than this one here :) hehehe :)

:) ENJOY the changing weather! :)