Tuesday, September 20, 2011

meals for the week 9.19.11 through 9.25.11

here's somethin' to make you think....
on Sunday, there will only be 3 more months before Christmas...
that means approximately 90ish days left for Christmas shopping...
but it also means pretty lights, snow, and Christmas cookies :)
but first, let's get through the amazing season of Autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving... :)

this week is a wacky week for meals... i didn't "assign" a fare to a particular day... we're not grocery shopping this week (except for necessaries like milk, bread, fruit, etc.).... so, we're going to eat what's here...and we're gonna be HAPPY about it :) hehehe :)

sooo, here's what will be served here... :)

omelets and biscuits
spaghetti and garlic bread
french toast
fried rice (maybe)
ham sandwiches
and, if necessary, hot dogs and mac n cheese :)

i opened a jar of homemade apple butter from one of my fabulous 3rd grade students from my teaching days... and let me just tell you that it was fabulous... :) so maybe we'll just eat biscuits and apple butter for dinner one night... :)
or apple butter and butter sandwiches...YUM! (childhood favorite)
what are some of YOUR favorite foods (comfort food?) from your childhood?
either way, i hope your bellies are full and your smiles are big... :)
have a great week... :)