Sunday, September 4, 2011

meals for the week 9.5.11 to 9.11.11

here's what's happenin' in the kitchen at the 115 :)
happy labor day...

Monday: grilling out - hamburgers, mac n cheese, and corn on the cob
Tuesday: creamy chicken enchiladas (new recipe!)
Wednesday: stuffed shells
Thursday: leftovers

Friday: homemade pizza
Saturday: leftovers
Sunday: leftovers

i'm also going to try something "different" this week... i'm going to make some soup so that i have something healthy, fast, and filling for lunches... i find that my schedule with the girls, on most days, keeps me from having lunch until 2 or 3 in the afternoon...and by then, i'm starving... hopefully having some good soup in the fridge will keep me from trying to satisfy my hunger with "whatever" i can grab quickly... for lunches this week, i'll be having chicken and rice soup from the Pioneer Woman's recipe library :)

have a great week :)