Saturday, January 10, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas at home this year! We had my parents here for a few days, and then Ry's parents and sister came for a few days. We had a nice and calm holiday...not a lot of action or excitement... :)
Baby K got some cute items...some toys from us (caught a great sale on!) including some favorites: a glow seahorse, some cool blocks from Manhattan Toy, and a soft and cuddly Eeyore blanket. :) She got some books, too! From family, she got clothes, an ADORABLE Winnie the Pooh bank (in silver), some silver silverware (also Winnie the Pooh :)), a big bear from Grandpa Katz, diapers...and just a range of great items. :) We're looking forward to next year...maybe she'll be able to rip into some presents! :)
Here are some pictures of the festivities... :) Enjoy! :)