Monday, January 19, 2009


Our first real experiences with Baby K giggling... It happens to be the day after 4 shots and one oral immunization... We were getting ready for a bath and realized that when we were taking off her Bugs Bunny band aids, she would giggle when we asked, "Do you like Bugs?" (as in Bugs Bunny) Her initial giggles were SO cute, but we didn't have the camera... Here is our attempt to reinact it!:) Not as good, but still cute! :) :)

Our first attempt just before the bath :) She's cute and give lots of smiles but doesn't giggle! :) Maybe it was because Beezer gave her a little scare!? :) hehe :)

A true giggle here...on our attempts after the bath! :)

And another video...not as giggly, but still cute! :)