Saturday, January 10, 2009

Two Month Check-up & S-H-O-T-S

Katherine had her 2 month (technically 2 month, 2 week and 3 day) check up on Friday. She did so well...a wonderful surprise since I was so so worried...
She measured at 23 3/4 inches...quite a growth spurt!!! She weighed 11 lbs., 9 oz.... She measures right in the 50%ile for everything, which is good to know... :) She's so "average" with her stats...but we know she's EXTRAORDINARY in every other way! :) hehe :)
She did spend the end of her check up getting 4 shots and one oral immunization... She cried pretty hard for the shots, but the nurse was fabulous...the shots only lasted around 20 seconds... When I picked her up, she quieted down pretty quickly... She had a dose of Tylenol there and another in the evening... She seems to have reacted well to the shots...her only real challenge is staying awake, it seems... She slept from 4:30 yesterday afternoon until around 8, ate, and then slept until around 6 this morning...straight through! She's a little fussy today, when she's awake, but she's spending most of the day sleeping again...
I'm glad she won't have a memory of those shots... :)

Her new achievements and favorite pasttimes...
~she loves to suck on her fist and hand
~she continues to smile a lot - especially when she has her hands and feet kissed... She still LOVES her changing table...
~she is looking around and paying attention to different things now - colors, pictures, etc.
~she seems to enjoy the colors/flashing of the TV
~she sleeps until around 4 AM after her 11 PM feeding...and with a quick reswaddling, she will drift back off to sleep, without feeding, until around 6
~we're getting close to a little giggle...we've heard small beginnings at various points
~during a diaper change, she enjoys just laying in just her diaper (before you snap her onesies and clothes back up) on the bed and kicks like no tomorrow :)
~baths are OK...she enjoys her time in the water, but she sure wishes it was warmer! :)
~she love to lay on the bed and look at "fanny" - our ceiling fan... :)
~she pets Beezer very gently (with Momma's guidance) and loves the feel of his fur...
~she "talks" in her coos and noises... There are times when she is seriously trying to communicate... :)
~she hates "tummy time," but we'll be working on getting her to push up with her arms in the next several weeks...

Here are some cute pictures from just before Christmas... :)