Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happenings and meals for the week: 2.12.12 through 2.19.12

lots on my mind in the last few days...but too much to write... :) 
and some of it is not "settled" enough to put down... 
but the fragility of life has made a very apparent presence in last few days...

my sweet baby girl turned 1 today...  i can't believe it was a year ago when she graced the world with her sweet self...  i remember crying when i thought i was pregnant in May of 2010...because i knew that i was pregnant before any test could tell me...and i was so scared at what a new baby would bring to the "chemistry" of this family...  and i was scared i could not love her as much as i love Katherine...i didn't think my heart had any more room...  oh, how wrong i was...and, as most said, now, i can't imagine life without her...  she is so sweet...determined...and just an absolute joy... :) 
i have another post with some pictures...  but i haven't loaded the one from January and tonight's "first birthday" shot. :)  later this week, i hope...

and Ry and i celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day...  but this is our 16th Valentine's Day together...  i remember when we used to write novels, declaring our love for each other, in those "between you and me" cards :)  it's been a great 8 years so far...and looking forward to many more :)

but, our meals... :)  here's what we'll be eating... or have eaten :)

Sunday:  chicken pot pie (homemade...was really good but too rich...)
Monday:  el dorado beef casserole ("eh" - needed something...maybe taco seasoned beef?)
Tuesday:  ordering in for Valentine's Day/Anniversary :)  probably Italian :)
Wednesday:  leftovers
Thursday:  cheeseburger soup
Friday:  leftovers
Saturday: leftovers
Sunday:  roasted chicken

in closing, we heard a great message at church on Sunday (not that this is unusual...all Sundays leave me wanting more!)...  it was about a lot of "terrible" happenings...kind of a revelation sort of theme with famine and locusts and such...  we read in Joel chapters 1 and 2.  i was touched by the words of the second chapter....

So rend your heart, and not your garments;

Return to the Lord your God,
For He is gracious and merciful,
Slow to anger, and of great kindness;
And He relents from doing harm.
Joel 2:13

i loved how this verse tells us to look back to God...and how He shows us grace and mercy, kindness and patience...  :)  some words i need to think about, for sure.... :)

enjoy your week, Friends.... :)  Happy Valentine's Day and cherish your time... :)