Tuesday, February 21, 2012

meals for the week of 2.20.2012

hotel Rakow will have no vacancy this week...  both sets of parents will be visiting for hannah's "official" first birthday party...  the Rakows will be here Wed. through Saturday and my parents will be here Friday through Monday, probably.  my parents will stay at the Best Western a few minutes away on Friday night so that they can be here on Saturday for "the big par-tay" :)
i'm hoping things are simple this weekend for Hannah's party.  i want to celebrate her, for sure...but in all honesty, we don't need to have a huge party for her at this point.  some cake, ice cream, snacks, socializing, and presents with family and friends will be just fine :)
so, meals this week will not be all that planned...  when my mother in law comes, i turn the kitchen over to her... i love her cooking (we all love her cooking), and i honestly enjoy the break.  she's so much faster and skilled in the kitchen than i... :)  i will probably cook for their arrival on Wednesday, but the rest of the week will be her menu :)

so, what we'll be having... :)

Sunday:  order in with friends, in a blizzard... :)  (more on this at another juncture :))
Monday:  happy presidents' day :)  cream of chicken and rice soup (probably my favorite soup)
Tuesday:  stuffed shells or leftover soup - not sure yet :)
Wednesday:  hamburger soup or stuffed shells
Thursday - the rest of the week:  this girl's off :)  yummy eats, however, without a doubt :)

it looks like the weather will be pretty here this week (again)...  my crocus have already bloomed and the daffodils are just starting to pop open...  as are the hyacinths...  the tulips are starting to come up, the day lilies and suprise lilies are leafing up already...  the ole groundhog told us that we'd have 6 more weeks of winter, but i'm not so sure... :)  either way, i will take what we get, but i am going to enjoy the sweet little flowers that are gracing us in mid-February :)

enjoy the week, friends...  be well :)