Monday, February 6, 2012

meals for the week: 2.5.12 through 2.11.12

happy February... :)  i like the month of February for some reason... :)  lots seems to be going on during this's short, it can add leap year fun every few years, Valentine's Day, our anniversary, Hannah's birthday...lots of fun things :)  sometimes, when it snows it can be a month of random days off that are like little unexpected gift wrapped packages of joy... :)  yep, i'm still longing for some white stuff around here... :)

so what are we eating this week?  a little boring, honestly...but it's a little more exciting than most weeks :)  when i shopped on sunday, i got to buy cooking wine...never have done that before!! :)  that's probably all the excitement, though... hahahaha...lots of leftovers... :)

sunday:  leftovers (stromboli, chicken pot pie, raviollis)
monday:  leftovers (pizza)
tuesday:  navajo soup :) 
wednesday:  leftovers
thursday: pasta carbonara
friday:  leftovers
saturday:  eat out or breakfast for dinner

can't believe it's already time to start a new week...  weekends go entirely too quickly, honestly...  :-\

enjoy your week...hopefully it will move quickly so we can relish some more weekend time :)