Tuesday, January 31, 2012

meals for the week: 1.29.12 through 2.4.12

happy end of June January...  while we've had a few chilly days, we've really been spoiled with some pretty weather...just ask the bulbs that are up in our front yard and the sweet little crocuses that are blooming their little heads off...  my hope, now, is one of two things...  1.  the weather stays nice for a few more weeks so that i can enjoy the gorgeous flowers that i love so much, or 2. they can survive cold weather.... 
i'm thinkin' my second wish is probably not going to happen...if it snows, those sweet little greens will probably die :(

it's also hard for me to see February there in the date...  Hannah's 1st birthday is so quickly approaching :(  so bittersweet...

last week's Beef Macaroni Soup  was pretty good...it was better as leftovers, i think...better taste!  it would be really good with some cheese -  maybe Velveeta?  it reminded me of something nacho-ish (mine wasn't too soupy), minus the cheese...and with veggies...  i added some garlic and onions to it, too...  not bad and will make it again.   :) 

so this week...  we're having some repeats from last week that we didn't get to...  we had a few changes in our plans for eating, so i'm glad to have them this week :)

Sunday:  scrounge...we had a big lunch at Hibachi (Chinese)...
Monday:  cube steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn
Tuesday:  BBQ out (supposed to be 62*) - hot dogs and homemade mac n cheese

Wednesday:  potato and onion omelets & toast
Thursday:  creamy chicken pot pie - crock pot (adapted from the new Real Simple magazine)
Friday:  leftovers or eating with friends
Saturday:  leftovers or eating with friends

a decent week of meals, for sure :)  looking forward to trying a new recipe while also eating some of my favorites, too :) 

hope you all are having a great week :)  enjoy the end of January...and just think:  this week, we'll hear what the Groundhog is going to say about winter/spring... what would YOU like?  snow?  the same warm weather???   :)  we shall see :)