Tuesday, January 10, 2012

meals for the week 1.9.12 through 1.15.12

before we talk about food... :)

we had our first "real" snow of the season here...nothing that's sticking around for long (supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow!), but it snowed and sleeted for the better part of the day...and it sure was pretty to look at! :) so exciting to finally see some of the "white stuff" around here...now we'll just pray for a snow day sooner rather than later! :)
i guess, technically, it wasn't the FIRST snow of the season...we had snow at the end of October... couldn't believe it was snowing when i was icing K's cupcakes and cake for her 3rd birthday party :)
here's the little snow man we built out on the deck (my sister in law and me) that night in October... he was a cute little guy :) love his pepper corn eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons :D

well, i haven't been too good with posting meals for the week... last week, i meal planned and didn't post... but we had another "ham" themed week to get rid of our THIRD Christmas ham :) we had homemade fried rice, leftovers, a rotisserie chicken, and macaroni soup with grilled cheeses. :) we were going to have omelets, too, but we ran out of ham! :) on another note, we're on a serious grilled cheese kick around here... :)
i am not sure what meal will be eaten on which day... we have a few things going on this week (Dr.'s appt., me working after school, etc.), and we're kind of "punting" with the schedule... sometimes we need to make something quickly when we didn't expect it... :) but, for the sake of "organization," i will put the things down on days i think we'll be having on the given day...
Monday: bbq chicken in the crock pot, scalloped potatoes, and french bread

Tuesday: hot dogs & mac n cheese & baked beans (for ry :))

Wednesday: french toast casserole (Pioneer Woman) :)

Thursday: tacos

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: we'll be attending a birthday party; not sure if dinner is provided or not... :) we'll be having leftovers if need be, however...

Sunday: not sure yet - something yummy, i hope! :)

thankfully, Ry has off on Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day :) so glad to have a "long" weekend...there are so many projects i need to get finished that can really only be accomplished on the weekend when Daddy's home to be on kid duty :)
hope you all have a wonderful and fabulous week :) enjoy each other and keep smiling... :)