Monday, January 23, 2012

meals for the week: 1.22.12 through 1.28.12

seems like i just posted what we were eating last week... :)  time flies, i suppose...
it's a weird food week for us...  for some reason, nothing really "sounded" appealing as i was planning meals this week...  i'm such a "mood" person when it comes to eating...  :-\   ry is so good about things - he eats whatever is put in front of him, generally...  i'm thankful for that! :)

believe it or not, i meal planned this afternoon, went grocery shopping, and then changed what we were having tonight :)  figures, eh? :)  really, i changed things b/c it was around 7 when i got home from grocery shopping, and it was too late to have what i had planned (story of my life...big plans, time changes them :)) and my plan for tuesday was changed at the store b/c they didn't have what i needed... 
it's cold and icy/snowy today, too, and this week is going to be a bit warm...  so, these choices are based on my icy views... :) 

Sunday:  grilled cheese (girls)/Marty's egg sandwiches for ry and me
Monday:  beef stew
Tuesday:  beef macaroni soup (will post on Tuesday)
Wednesday:  pancakes
Thursday:  leftovers
Friday:  probably leftovers again
Saturday:  out to eat? 

sooo, there it goes :)  we'll see how things pan out...after today, who knows what we'll eat :)

enjoy your week! :)  hope that it's a good one for each of you :)