Wednesday, January 18, 2012

meals for the week: 1.16.12 through 1.21.12

we're trekking our way through the month of January.  doesn't January seem to last forever?  maybe it's the after-holiday slump?  i don't know...but i feel like we're kinda just trudging along through this month... it's OK...i often say that i wish time would slow down a i will welcome the slowness of January :)
i'm still waiting for some snow...  seriously, it was almost 60* here today...  mother nature is a little confused...  i'm beginning to wonder if it will get cold and snow, honestly, but i know we still have several more weeks left of "winter," so i will keep my fingers crossed for some fabulous white stuff SOON! :)
plus, having Ry off on Monday made us yearn for a little time off during the school week... :)

well, we're eating nicely this week...  found a fabulous deal on pork tenderloin (buy one, get one free) at a local grocery store, so that kind of dictated a bit of our menu this week... :)  plus, a mid- and end-of-the week meal with friends seems to chop things up a bit! :)  looking forward to a break from the kitchen... :)

here's what we're eatin' this week... :)

Monday:  pork tenderloin, potatoes, carrots
Tuesday:  blintzes and leftover french toast casserole
Wednesday:  open face pork tenderloin sandwiches & mashed potatoes, left over veggies
Thursday:  out to eat with friends :)  Mexican :)
Friday:  leftovers or cube steak
Saturday:  take out here with friends - Christmas with the Strongs
Sunday:  cube steak (if not on Friday) or soup

hope you have a great week... :)  it's almost half-over at this enjoy the view from the "hill" as you slide down to the weekend! :)