Tuesday, January 3, 2012

halloween (a little late)

yep, you read that title correctly...we're doing Halloween right now... :)
i just finished editing about a million pictures from August through November... i haven't even tackled December's yet...
but that means we have some halloween pictures :) yay!!! :)
we didn't dress Hannah up in a costume... she doesn't eat candy, and she looked too cute in her Halloween shirt and striped socks :)

Katherine had the same cute Halloween shirt...we took a picture of them together but it didn't turn out too well... :) but this one is quite entertaining and funny :) Hannah loves her big sister... :)

here's the little Spunkster... :)

she wasn't too happy to go trick-or-treating... she had a late nap and woke up grumpy, so getting her dressed was A LOT of fun (kicking and screaming)... we got her puppy costume on her, finally, but she wasn't even about to smile :)

of course, she's a cute little puppy :) love her little brown nose and freckles...and yes, even that pouty lip... :)

and she manages to give a fake smile :) gotta love the pup... :)