Wednesday, October 17, 2012

meals for the week 10.14.12 through 10.21.12

quick and simple this week, my friends :) 
no words of advice...
no comments about the weather... :)
i have a few minutes...some banana muffins are in the oven...
so i thought i'd post :)

here's what's fillin' our bellies this week... :)

Sunday: whatevers - Ry has BETA ceremony, so the girls had mac n cheese and i had a fully belly from a late lunch with a friend :)
Monday: Ry has conferences, not home (again!)...  french toast (girls) and a ham, cheese, green pepper, and onion omelet :)
Tuesday: leftovers - pizza and pork tenderloin from lunch on Sunday
Wednesday:  fellowship meal with church :)
Thursday:  raviolis :)
Friday: grill out - hot dogs, mac n cheese, and veggie
Saturday:  out to eat
Sunday:  Salisbury Steak and au gratin potatoes (didn't get to it last week) :)

have a fabulous week :)