Friday, October 12, 2012

random joe...

ya ever have one of those days where things just float around in your head constantly?  i do...all the time... :)  one thought leads to another thought...and another... :)  it's days like this where i have a lot of trouble praying at night for my kids...cause as i'm praying, i start to think of something else....and then 3 minutes later, i remember that i'm supposed to be praying............. :)'s some random joe for you on this thursday :) and maybe a few pictures :) 

  • today, i put the down comforter on our bed... i love the white of a down comforter, but with 2 kids and 2 adults, it's not logical :)  so we have a beautiful green duvet cover...  K didn't know i put it on, but after her bath (we usually get PJs on on mommy's and daddy's bed), K exclaimed, "Mommy, the bed is like a HOTEL...." and she sunk into the down comforter with a huge smile on her face :) 
 Hannah swimming this summer at the hotel (our our way to IL)
  •  i hung some halloween-ish lights in K's room for her while she was out playing with Daddy and Hannah this on one window and purple on the other :)  she would run back every so often to just look all evening...  however, it was not enough to convince her to sleep in her room after the "hotel" bed was discovered :)  (yes, we're the parents who let our kids get into bed with us at night sometimes....) 
Katherine at Bradley Beach in NJ :) instant love :)
  • we went to Target today to pick up a few things...  K and H rode in one of those carts with a "bench" before the cart (thus making the cart 10 feet long! oy!)...  K was petting Hannah's head for some of the ride...i found myself saying, "please do not touch your sister...." a lot :) 
  • i went to Target today without any make up :-\ i realized that i didn't have any on about 4 minutes into our trip...and the sheer thought of trying to go home, explain WHY we were going home quickly, unloading the kids from the car seat, etc. was too much for me...  i figured a self-conscious trip to Target was worth it... :) 
Hannah in the "bubble" at the playground in Fairmout :)
  • i had a dream the other night about pulling a very large carrot out of my garden...strange since i didn't plant carrots...  and by large, i mean like a yard long...  strange............
  • Hannah doesn't say a whole lot, but she does have an emphatic head shake...she is not shy about telling you "no." :)  and her "yes," for those of you who wonder is merely a mid-tone "mmmmmph."
  • Katherine took a dance class the other day... :)  our good friends have a daughter who takes dance and it was "bring a friend" night.  K had a ball...and she walked in there, with total confidence, and practiced tap dance and ballet :)  she was in heaven....a huge smile on her face. :)  when asked if she wanted to start taking dance, she told me "no" but couldn't tell why she didn't want to take it...  when we got home, Ry talked to her about her class and she gave the same was a lot of fun, blah, blah, blah, but when he asked if she wanted to take dance, she said no....  he probed by asking her, if she had fun, why wouldn't she want to take dance...  her reply was a clenched jaw/teeth face, saying, "okkkkkkk, i will take it, i guessssss." 
Hannah at Bradley Beach in NJ :) she loved the sand :)
  • i'm disgusted with the whole election this year...  i am tired of the commercials...i'm tired of political parties calling my house....i'm tired of people coming up to me asking me who i'm going to vote for after asking me if i'm registered to vote...  but most of all, i'm sick of people putting stuff on facebook...  opinions are opinions...but people go too far beyond that and literally trash anything that another person might believe...  it's shallow...  i can remember, as a kid, always asking my mom who she was voting for, and she would always tell me that it was a private thing and she would never say...  i respect that... 
k lookin' sweet on the swing :)
it was our first fall day out in sweats and a jacket, too :)
  • i love fall...  the trees are starting to turn shades of color that are just breathtaking :) 
  • i can't wait for pumpkin pie :)  yummmm :)
not a "great" picture, but i wanna remember
how she kneels on the chair and her little feet
and sweet toes
*melts my heart*
  • Hannah and Katherine love to color...  Katherine will color for awhile, and she's quite good...  Hannah will climb up on the chair five hundred times, each time giving her page a color scribble.  I've nick-named her "Zorro." :)
looking for the perfect page :)
K coloring intently :)
  • I love when my girls enjoy each other's company :)  having two girls, and watching them love each other as sisters, is truly a gift from above :) 

randomness finished... :) 
enjoy your weekend! :) 
hope you do something fun! :)