Wednesday, October 3, 2012

meals for the week 9.30.12 through 10.7.12

i'm thinking about that Staples commercial that comes on in late know, the one where the mom is dancing in the aisles as the kids sit, sad faced, in the cart, as they shop for school supplies...  and, blaring in the background is, "IT'S THE MOSTTTTT WONDERFULLLL TIME OF THE YEARRRR."  :)

i LOVE Fall...autumn...whatever you wanna call the is an incredible time of beauty and peace for my soul...i'm starting to see the leaves change ever so slightly here...  one tree, only about 4 houses up the street, is already a beautiful shade of orange red....breathtaking...  (and don't you wonder how, a tree mere feet away from your tree, which is the very same species, has leaves changing where, your own tree, is still green?  hmmmm) 
anyway, i will probably have to load the kids up in the van and go for drives in the afternoon because i probably won't be able to get enough of the amazing views around me... :)  it's so easy to send praises up when i see the beauty that's around me...

last week, we had a really crazy week...and much of what was planned for meals fell by the wayside...  we had illnesses and concerts...birthday impromptu trip for Chinese with our was a week where, honestly, every day was spent doing something in the evening...  and, well, let's just say that the dogs and the outside kitties had some serious feasting on leftovers before they went bad...  *meow*woof* :)
so, the meal plan was not happening...  that means we hardly grocery shopped this week,, as you will see below, much of what was on last week's menu will be seen again :)

Sunday: rotisserie chicken, rice, creamed corn, stuffing (hello, carbs)
Monday: tacos :)
Tuesday: chicken noodle soup :) 
Wednesday:  church meal - taking banana bread brownies (YUM!)
Thursday: leftovers (soup) and homemade french bread
Friday:  stuffed shells
Saturday: eating out, probably
Sunday: creamy chicken enchiladas

lots of things swirling around in this i can't leave this post with much depth, i am afraid... :)  but, i hope that you all have a wonderful that's blessed and filled with reasons to be thankful... :) 
enjoy!! :)