Tuesday, October 9, 2012

meals for the week 10.8.12 through 10.15.12

well, last week i was praising the weather...this week, i'm freezing!  we've had a 20-30 degree change in temperature in the last few days...wowzers!!!!!!!!!  the mercury was hovering in the high 40s today at lunchtime...and with a cold rain making it feel even colder...i am wishing for the pretty fall days we were having! :)  i am going to be patient, though, because the weatherman reported that we'll warm up some in the next few days... :)

i don't have a lot to report...enjoying the every day as much as we can... :)  lots of playing, coloring, running around outside.... :)  of course, laundry, cleaning, and trying to keep up with other household duties.... :) 

we bought some items for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank...our church youth are looking to give at least 1,000 items in the next few weeks, and we were excited to give...  the area food banks, perhaps in your area, too, are in tremendous need...more families are in financial turmoil, and they need the basics so they can feed their family...  it's not just food, either...it's also personal care items that are needed - soap, shampoo, etc.  if you can, please considering throwing a few items into your cart this week so that you can also donate to the food bank around your house...  you can also go through your cabinets and get rid of things that you have in abundance or that you haven't used...  we are not rich people, but we never go without...we live in a more than abundant condition...  plenty of food passes into our mouths, and we could honestly cut back quick easily...and we should, too ('cause those numbers on that scale are creepin' up!!!)...  please consider donating!!

with all that being said, our menu looks like this for the week... :)

Sunday:  rotisserie chicken & TGIFriday's green beans... (kind of a random meal...we weren't that hungry :))
Monday: creamy chicken enchiladas
Tuesday:  leftover stuffed shells
Wednesday:  leftover chicken enchiladas
Thursday:  macaroni soup and grilled cheese
Friday: homemade pizza (as requested by Ry and K :))
Saturday: out to eat :)
Sunday: salisbury steak and potatoes au gratin

have a wonderful week, friends :)  enjoy yourselves and don't forget to look for the wonderful blessings around you... :)