Saturday, March 20, 2010

meals for 3.21-3.27

i'm pleased to say that i'm ahead of the game for once in my life... but i'm not going to get used to it - it's a rare occurrance! :) i'm trying to plan our meals a little earlier so that i can search the circulars for better deals... AND, i plan on trying to use the new Coupon Queen site (see the link over there -----> :)) to see if i can save some $$ on groceries... :)

here are our meals for this upcoming week... :)

Sunday: b-fast - french toast, lunch- leftover pizza (from Fri. night), dinner - leftover stuffed chicken wrap ups (from last week)
Monday: hamburger stoup (crockpot) (new recipe)
Tuesday: skillet lasagna
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: chicken hot dish casserole (new recipe)
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: b-fast - something fast 'cause i'm going to see WICKED!! :) lunch - Ry will have leftovers, i'll be eating somewhere like Olive Garden or Cheesecake Factory, dinner - we'll probably meet somewhere after the show :)

lunch for the week: extra leftovers, cheese sandwiches, PBnJ sandwiches

i'll post the new recipes this week :)

happy eatings :)