Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday "stuff" and meals for March 1st - March 5th

we didn't travel to PA this weekend due to some snow that they got "up north." they didn't get the predicted 12-18 inches...only about we could have probably headed up without any issue... granted, my mom said they closed the turnpike (the "toll" road/highway that leads you across PA) because the roads were so slick... maybe it was better we stayed in VA?!

we're going to try again to go this coming again, the meals will be a little less planned as we near the end of the week! :)

i'm kind of sad about the Olympics ending... i so enjoyed the atheletes and events this year... :) i'll probably post on more about the Olympics this week... :)
on another note, however, at least i will be getting in bed before 12:30 AM now... that time change between here and Vancover was a challenge, especially when the "best" events were still happening at midnight! :)

today, i'm going to try and bribe Ry to ride with me to the "C'ville Market" - which seems to be a really cool fresh produce market... i've heard about it before, but tore out their "fresh deals of the week" from the newspaper yesterday... :) i don't know how to get there (but i already mapquested! :)), and i would feel much better if Ry was along for the ride, esp. with we may try to head there after he comes home from work... :)

i'm kind of excited about that trip to C'ville Market... :) i'm dreaming of all the yummy fruits and veggies that we can pick up (for pretty cheap prices)... (our local grocery stores don't have dreamy produce selections lately... :( )

why am i excited about fruits and veggies??? well, i saw on Dr. Oz last week about the anti-cancer foods that we should eat... they outlined a plate and how you should divide your plate. we should be having HALF a plate of fruits and veggies... well, that doesn't happen here at this household... i'm ashamed to say that we sometimes don't even have a veggie (that's not related to the potato :)) in front of us at dinner... but, i do try hard to put out some sort of brightly colored veggie on a daily basis...

but, i want to get to our half-full of veggies dinner plate! we need to eat healthier...and our trip to C'ville Market can help us get started on this new "better eating" challenge... :)

OK...meals for the week... :) i will probably add another post about the veggies and fruits we can add to our meals... :)

~Monday: Mexican Casserole w/ some adjustments (i don't know what blog i got the recipe from...i just copy/pasted the recipe to an email to myself...but i'll look and post it if i find it) :)

~Tuesday: Macaroni Soup & grilled cheese

~Wednesday: leftovers

~Thursday: Cheesy Bow Ties (from Cooking on Clover Lane)

~Friday: leftovers (if we're here)

~Saturday and Sunday: we'll probably be away :)

:) hope you have a blessed Monday! :)
19 more days until the official start of SPRING! :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I saw that Dr. Oz episode as well -- where they were using tape on the plate to show what parts of the plate should have what :) We need to do a better job as well, but I steam veggies a fair amount. I hope you get to go to that produce market. That sounds fun!