Thursday, March 18, 2010


it's been too long since i've posted...
i've thought a lot about lots of things to write about...but the thoughts are fleeting, and when i finally sit down to write, it's late, i'm tired, and i've forgotten my genius thoughts! (yep, those thoughts - they were that incredible...) :)

~meal planning... it was pointless this week... i have had a sinus infection that has kept me from smelling and tasting anything for several days... a great thing for my diet...but who wants to think about food when you can't taste anything??? so, we've had a range of some various foods... Subway sandwiches, English Muffin pizzas, stuffed chicken roll ups & mashed potatoes, and i don't know what we'll have for the rest of the week... maybe breakfast for dinner...that sounds good...and i don't know what else! :)

~my mom had her dental surgery today... as a side effect from her radiation a few years ago, she had dying jaw bone exposed... her gums were disappearing in these areas... the surgeon said the necrosis was more than he could've known since most of her jawbone (lower) was covered by gums... since the jaw bone wasn't healthy, her teeth were not being held in by much, so she lost most of her teeth on the lower jaw... he said they pretty much "fell out," but she would have started to lose them in the next few weeks without the surgery today... anyhoo, she has a few front teeth left... and then i guess after healing occurs (which will be a challenge, too, thanks to the radiation, again)...she'll get a bridge or something to replace the teeth she lost today.... the dead areas of her jaw bone were filed away to leave only healthy jaw bone...and they covered the areas that were exposed... it sounded like it worked out well...challenging, but well... :)

~the weather has been beautiful here! we played outside for 2 hours yesterday afternoon... :) love that sunshine... :)

~daylight savings time has kicked our scheduled into a tailspin... i'm hoping today will be the first day where K will nap twice... she really needs it... wish you could be here during's true entertainment... and our dogs have gained an extra meal thanks to the sweet meltdowns of K as she throws food overboard... :) <---yeah, i'm smiling about it now...not so much when it's going on though...

~i love the new show "Parenthood" that's on... very good... :) i'm also going to try and watch the new series on WWII "The Pacific." and i think the new nature show starts on Discovery too! argh... i never have time to watch TV, but i sure am finding the shows to watch, aren't i? :)

~ i think we'll have to mow our lawn soon... ry will be thrilled...

~so sad for Sandra Bullock... what a rollercoaster ride for her...a tremendous high from her award last weekend...and a terrible low hearing her husband may have cheated... how sad...

~the census form was a true let down... how boring... but i would have loved to see someone fill out all the spaces... :) i wonder what the Duggars do....there weren't enough spaces for them... :)

~only 2 more days until Spring officially arrives... :) yay! :)

ok...that's enough for now... :)
more later... :)
until then, go outside and let the sweet sunshine warm your pretty face... :)