Tuesday, March 9, 2010

meals for 3.9 to 3.14 :)

a little late...normally, i try to post on Sun. or Monday, but we didn't get back home until late on Monday evening... :) had a great time at home, too, but maybe there will be more on that later :)

anyhow, a basic week of eating... :)

Tuesday: macaroni soup and fresh french bread
Wednesday: either pizza or stromboli, packed with veggies, on whole wheat dough
Thursday: leftovers or maybe grilling out!!! :) (YAY!)
Friday: eating out or leftovers
Saturday: eating out (if we didn't eat out on Friday) or leftovers
Sunday: something with chicken and the crock pot... TBD :)

lunch for the week: PBnJ (yum :)), microwave meals

breakfast: banana muffins :)

hope you have a wonderful mealtime this week! :)