Tuesday, May 24, 2011

meals for 5.23.11 through 5.29.11

well........ it's the week before the unofficial start of summer...
:) yay!! :) ahhh, it's almost summer break, at least for those of us in a "school-focused" mind... (i know i don't teach any more, but i'm still in that mindset...) but summer holds a lot of fun times for even the full-time July and August working folk, as well, i know... :)

i'm happy to report that we're ALL feeling better here at the quarantine house :) the officials came and removed the sign that warned all people to stay away :) just kidding... :)
and, there's something wonderful about being able to enjoy and TASTE food again... :)
and while it was good, i'm glad that we're NOT eating chicken noodle soup this week... :) hehehe :)

i've been busy in the kitchen this week... we picked strawberries on Saturday... 7.5 pounds, to be exact... TOO many, now that i'm trying to prepare them... with 2 small children, nothing gets done in a fairly quick manner around here... :) so, at 1 AM last night, i finished my first 2 batches of jam... GOSH it's good... :) and, with 2.5 quarts already made, i still have more than DOUBLE that to still make...
and i even prepped some of the berries for just plain eating!
next time, we won't pick as many berries :)
lesson learned :)

remember the heroes who have fallen for our freedom this Memorial Day... yes, the grilled food and friendship and fellowship is fabulous...but don't forget those who gave their lives so that we may relish our freedom in America...

we certainly have a lot to be thankful for, don't we?!

here's what will be on our plates this week... :)

Monday: chick-fil-a
Tuesday: turkey burgers, 4 cheese rice, and a veggie :)
Wednesday: chicken parm and rigatoni
Thursday: pancakes
Friday: homemade pizza
Saturday: out to eat
Sunday: grill out

if you're the praying type, before you eat this week, please send up extra prayers or thoughts (for the non-praying types) for the people of Missouri (Joplin), who were hit with a F4 tornado the other day... and for those who were hit with tornadoes in the last few weeks, as well; we shouldn't forget them, either... mother nature's fury is all around us! and while we all have stoves to prepare our meals and tables to sit at with our families, there are so many who do not have those luxuries right now... we need to lift up these people in our thoughts and prayers...

ENJOY the week...and don't forget how very blessed we are to live in the USA... :)