Monday, May 2, 2011

recap of the week and meals for 5.2.11 through 5.8.11

well, it's back to the "regular" life of ry reporting to work and me being at home with the girls during the day... :) while i did enjoy having extra hands here for the week, it will be nice to get back to the "loose" routine that we keep during the week... summer will be here before we know it, so we'll learn a new routine again soon! :)

suffice it to say that last week's spring break was pretty stinky... the house was full of random sickness, and we didn't get to do anything "fun" as a family...
first, it started with Ry and his viral bronchitis on monday... no meds...just wait it out... and wait it out, we have... it will be interesting to see if he can sustain himself through teaching for the week... we'll see if he has a voice by Wednesday...
next to fall prey to something was Katherine... wednesday afternoon, her mood took a serious dive (lots of tears, impatient, fits, etc.) and she had a fever of 101.4 by bedtime... i knew something was up when she kept telling me the bath was cold and she was covered with goosebumps...and of course, her glassy look in her eyes was another tell-tale sign. (my mom always said she could tell when i had a fever from the same i understand :)) she literally stayed parked in my bed for almost 2 days...and if you know K, she NEVER STOPS MOVING, so you know she was sick... we headed to the doc for her, as well, because she was refusing to eat (for 3 days), she was starting to refuse liquids and we were looking at a weekend... she was diagnosed with a virus after a thorough check over by one of our favorite doctors... she's been fever free since Saturday, but she's still not well... she sounds so throaty to me...and now, she's coughing... and her mood and behavior show she's not feeling well yet (and she's trying my patience! :)) we'll see what the week brings with her...
on Sunday morning, Hannah started with a stuffy nose and some coughing... i'm not sure it is going to amount to anything...but regardless, she's been sleeping for most of the day for the last two days... i think she's fighting something, too... but, since she's a nursing baby, she will probably get antibodies if i have been exposed, and i know i've had viral bronchitis hopefully the two of us will stay well... :) and, with breast-fed babies, the length of illness is traditionally a lot shorter than we'll see... :)
sooo, the zoo will wait till fall (unless we have some cool days in the summer), and the children's museum will still be there when school is will the playground and the other little activities i thought about doing through the week... oh well :) what do they say about the best laid plans?!?

our meals this week will hopefully be good and filling... :) we're not shopping this week, except for a few necessary items (milk, butter, bread, cheese, etc.)... i did pick up a few things last Friday, so they will also be part of our week... regardless, we have enough food here for the week, for sure... :)

Monday: bbq chicken, corn on the cob, baked potatoes
Tuesday: fried rice (again - we have a lot of white rice left :))
Wednesday: macaroni soup and grilled cheese
Thursday: tacos
Friday: leftovers (soup & tacos, if there is anything left)
Saturday: birthday party for our dear friend, Dwayne... bringing homemade mac n cheese, as requested :)
Sunday: creamed chicken over noodles

hope your first week of May is wonderful :)