Saturday, May 21, 2011

more spring memories :)

i liked doing that last post so much... it's a great way to get some pictures up... :)

we recently attended a 40th birthday party for our dear friend, Dwayne... they handed out "mardi gras" beads, just for fun... well, my jewelry loving child left the party with not one, two or three necklaces...she left with the ENTIRE stash (well, what was left). for 2 weeks now, she's worn these necklaces almost to the point of annoying... see, when you wear them like she does, they tangle and it's not a lot of fun to explain to a frustrated 2 1/2 year old that it will take a few minutes to unwind... :) but when they are all together, the girl is happy! :) here she's even dancing around, hence the slight blur of the photo... :) oh my sweet sleeping Hannah... :) taken by me very late at night or early in the morning... we were sleeping upright for a few days when she was hit with her little cold... but gosh, i am in love with this sweet, sweet girl... i really love that little divot under her bottom lip...

this was shot during a diaper change, actually... :) how appropriate, huh?! :) i love her face in this picture...and those blue, blue eyes and beautiful rosy lips... :) she's my sweet girl... :)

this was a mean joke played by Daddy :) Hannah was sleeping so soundly, but the penguin joined her... :) she's a gripper when she sleeps (and when she's awake, too), and she will grasp what she can when she is sleeping... notice her holding onto Mr. Penguin... :) and don't worry, the penguin didn't stay there for long - just enough time for a photo op :)

Hannah's hands are quite expressive when she sleeps... if she's not clutching something, she usually has her hands grasped, as in prayer, right under her chin... on this day, however, she slept like she was contemplating life... :) or like she was falling asleep in class... :)