Sunday, May 15, 2011

this week past and meals for 5.16.11 through 5.22.11

happy "middle" of May...
i counted the number of days left of school for Ry...15.5 :) that's a sweet thought... i can't wait for the weeks to be like weekends here... it will be wonderful...
things will hopefully be getting back to normal here as far as health... Ry's started a z-pac on friday and seems to be doing a bit better... i'm concerned that the treatment will not be long enough for as long as he's had this stuff...almost 3 weeks of sickness to be taken care of with 5 days of antibiotics? i hope so...
i'm starting to feel crummy again with the sinus issues... i even got up and turned on the air conditioner very early this morning in hopes that closing the windows would help... not so far... i know i like having a cheaper electric bill when we don't *need* the AC, but i'm desperate to feel better... i even took a nice nap this was refreshing and i felt a bit better after a good sleep... but, it stinks to not be able to taste anything that you eat...and to know whether or not your kids have messy diapers and need to be changed... yes, you read that right...i'm yearning to smell poo... :)
depending on how things are tomorrow may indicate whether or not i need to make a trip to see the doctor... i'll be suffering from this stuff for 12 days on monday...that's long enough... :)

well, what we'll be eating this week... :) we are being thrifty with our grocery budget there are not a lot of exciting things here...but they're good and filling, so we will be happy :)

monday: homemade chicken noodle soup (nature's antibiotic! we had this last week, too!)
tuesday: lasagna
wednesday: leftover soup
thursday: cook out
friday: leftover lasagna
saturday: breakfast for dinner (pancakes? omelets?)
sunday: something in the crock pot... :) to be determined

hope you all have a super week! :) enjoy each minute... :)