Tuesday, May 31, 2011

meals for 5.31.11 through 6.5.11

happy "unofficial" summer :)
knocking on 100* here in VA...i would say we don't need to have that unofficial part there... :) daggone it's hot out there... i guess we can officially say "goodbye" to spring, though...i'm not sure the cool 60s and 70s will be back for awhile :-\

we traveled this past weekend...and that was not a very smart thing to do in hindsight... HOWEVER, it was for good reasons - to celebrate the recent wedding of my dear high school friend, Jenn and to see my parents. :) it wasn't smart because it was not long enough and traveling with a 3 month old is a challenge.... she didn't like staying in her car seat, we had to stop often, and well...it made the trip (driving) very long. our trip back to VA was especially long due to a missed turn (we still can't figure out what we did), so we left PA around 3 but didn't get home until after midnight :-\ ugh! we had to stop 4 times, too, due to a fussy one...
ry looked at me on the way and said, "do you remember when we thought how hard it was to travel with 2 dogs?" :) hahaha :) yes, those were the days... now we travel with 2 dogs and 2 kids!

anyway...more on that in awhile... for now, this is what's happening in the kitchen this week... i'm going to try minimal cooking due to the temps being sooo hot this week...only a few days with the oven in use...

Tuesday: turkey burgers, baked potatoes, and a veggie
Wednesday: egg sandwiches
Thursday: meatballs and mashed potatoes and veggies
Friday: hot dogs and mac n cheese
Saturday: leftovers
Sunday: pizza meatloaf cups and mac n cheese (leftover) and a veggie

doesn't seem like much variety now that i have it typed out! :) oh well... maybe there will be some adjusting, but for now, this is what's planned... :)

on the way home, we saw a farmers market that advertised some rhubarb... doesn't that sound so good? :) i think i'm going to make that my mission this week (well, one of the missions)...find a store that has decently priced rhubarb... :)
the other missions will revolve around doing endless laundry and trying to tidy up a bit while keepin' the kids happy and entertained! :)

hope that you have a great week! stay cool.... :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Glad you guys made it back :) Perhaps we can text this week????