Friday, May 20, 2011

spring memories

nothing important or pressing to post... just some pictures of my sweet ones... :) with a little commentary :)

we are going to try to start some new traditions around here... a few weeks before Easter, i threaded many plastic eggs with some fishing line... and i told K we would hang them outside for some decoration. :) here's one of our trees hung with some colorful easter eggs. :) and, we happen to live at the "T" in the road, so i'm sure a lot of cars that stop at the stop sign may have caught sight of our silly tree. :) here are the girls in front of the "easter egg" tree :) (i cropped the picture so you can see the kids...that's why you can't see the whole tree) for some reason, this picture kinda reminds me of some of the old black and white pictures i have of my ancestors from long ago... :) maybe it's just K's faraway look... :)
Hannah is just a smile a minute, it seems... :) she's NOT a giggler, however...we have only gotten a few genuine giggles from her, but they're reserved and cute. :)

this is a picture of a typical morning ritual here... when K wakes in the morning, Hannah is usually already awake. when we go in to get Katherine changed and ready for the day, i always lay her in the crib (which will be her own soon enough) so that i can have empty arms for Katherine. :) every morning, regardless of the time or mood, my sweet Katherine always, ALWAYS wants to give Hannah a kiss. :) and, while you can't see H's face real well here, there's rarely a time where this lil' sis doesn't look at her big sister with the most loving eyes and smile... :) it's really something that melts my heart :)

Katherine's love of the outdoors is wonderful... she's a little droopy pants here (hard to find pants to fit that rail of a frame!), but i love her look...determined and on a journey for something...a dandelion wishie or maybe even a stick... :) (and yes, our lawn needed to be mowed terribly :))

not the greatest picture, but it's in one of my favorite outfits - one that we got when we were expecting Katherine but didn't know she was a girl yet... froggies :) Hannah only wore it once (because i forgot to put her in it more often and it doesn't have feet - who wants to mess with socks every 5 minutes?)...and the day she wore it, it was a bit tight and the sleeves were short :) i just think her skin looks so beautiful in this picture-so creamy and her little rosy cheeks... and that little chin that i could kiss endlessly... :)

here you can see her interesting birthmark that developed between 1 and 2 months. her pediatrician said it's nothing to be concerned about...of course, we kinda wish it wasn't so apparently placed, but we figure it will lead to good things... :) i have already told Ryan that we'll tell her that's the mark God left when he kissed her before he sent her to us... :) i'm not sure how that will pan out when she's in kindergarten, but...for now, it's a good explanation... :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Sweet photos of your girls :) And, I'm guessing you and I could compete on whose yard needs to be mowed the most!!!! But, that's O.K. It'll get done sometime.